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Seeing Higher Education as part of their future!

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High expectations are linked with high performance for all students. When teachers hold high expectations, it can boost students’ confidence and motivation, which in turn impacts on learning and achievement.

When parents and carers have high expectations, it can also influence a student’s perceptions of their ability as well as their learning success. In fact, a study by Gill and Reynolds found that a student’s perceptions of their parent’s high expectations had a positive effect on their reading and maths levels in later primary school.

We encourage you to start having a conversation with your child about what pathway they may like to take. You may want to explore the University of Western Sydney’s First Foot Forward program, which aims to inspire the next generation to see their unlimited potential.

The University of Western Sydney’s First Foot Forward program encourages students in Year 5 and 6 to see Higher Education as part of their future by sparking an interest in lifelong learning.

Whether pursuing personal interests and passions or chasing professional ambitions, lifelong learning can help us to achieve personal fulfillment and satisfaction. It recognises that humans have a natural drive to explore, learn and grow and encourages us to improve our own quality of life and sense of self-worth by paying attention to the ideas and goals that inspire us.

Students who take part in the program enjoy engaging, interactive, and fun learning experiences on campus with a range of activities designed to stimulate interest in further education. The on-campus experience also gives them the chance to start imagining life as a uni student by experiencing a day at Western Sydney University.

For more information contact the University of Western Sydney’s Schools Engagement team at or on 1300 854 224.